Monday, October 11, 2021

"Add support for Logitech Zone 750"

I bought this headset*, a Logitech Zone 750, and I wanted to turn down the "sidetone", i.e. the always-on foldback. After some searching I found HeadsetControl, which can do it, but didn't support this particular model. It did support the Logitech Zone Wired, which is almost, if not exactly, the same device.

So I figured maybe I could do something about it and solve loud sidetone problem for myself and anyone else using this headset.

Running `lsusb` (in Fedora) showed me the device number, from there it was pretty straight forward.
Ps, the headset seems alright, but I don't know if it's four times better than the H540* it was replacing - unfortunately because the padding cover fabric was peeling and disintegrating on the top part where you can't easily replace it. Hopefully the fabric on the new one will last longer.

* Amazon link with affiliate referral info included.

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