Thursday, March 17, 2011

beginning_of_fortnight gem is out

As promised I've cleaned up my beginning of fortnight hack and turned it into a proper ruby gem.

Install in the usual way:
sudo gem install beginning_of_fortnight

It requires ActiveSupport and adds {next,end_of,beginning_of}_fortnight methods to the Date and Time class. They work the same as the *_week methods defined by ActiveSupport. You can set where you want fortnight boundaries to be (or just use the default).

For more info see:

I carefully made sure the docs look good in RDoc but, uses YARD. So they don't look so great and actually the main usage examples which I put at the top of the file aren't showing at all...

I guess I will convert to using YARD. Is RDoc fading away? The website looks pretty musty.

(Just for fun, here are tweets where it all began).

Bash functions to dump and load a mysql database

Everyone probably has one of these, but here is mine. It's a bit rough but works for me. If I was going to make it better I'd probably use getopt instead of $1 and $2 and then add options for changing the mysql user. (Currently it hard codes the user as root). Put it in your .bash_aliases or .bashrc or wherever you keep these types of things. Update: I made a set of rake tasks for doing this kind of thing, so I'm not actually using this any more.