Friday, June 17, 2011

Tau in Ruby

Inspired by and of course The Tau Manifesto, here is a patch for ruby to define tau, the true circle constant. Of course we don't need to really need to patch ruby to get this functionality (but I had fun doing it anyway).

Here is tau.rb so you can just require 'tau'. (Maybe this should be a gem...) Ps, I just learned about module_function.

Update 1: I made this ticket which has been mostly ignored.

Update 2: Ticket has been noticed and discussed! :) Ticket has been categorised as joke! :(

Update 3: Some active debate is going on now and the ticket is now 'assigned'! :) See the details.

Update 4: (28-Jun-2014) Made a pull request in Github.

Update 5: See

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